S/V Quagmire in the San Juan Islands

S/V Quagmire's Page

The sailing vessel Quagmire is a 1974 Cal 29. The boat was designed by Bill Lapworth and had two owners prior to us purchasing it in the summer of 2005. Since then she has undergone major renovations and taken us on a number of long trips.

A week after adopting our new puppy, we crammed her in the car for an hour and a half long drive to the coast, made her climb all over this giant hulk of slippery, wet, misshapen, rocking piece of plastic to find her food, and even submitted her to the jarring bellowing monster that is […]

Bella on Board

We’ve been talking about getting a dog for a while. We’ve even done research into tricks and tips for having dogs on board for day sails and extended sailing trips. Neither of us are picky about breed – we were just looking for an easy going and adaptable temperament in a medium sized short-haired dog […]

10 AM – Got a late start in the morning. Neither of us were used to squeezing our feet into the apex of the V-berth, nor the clanking and clattering that continues through the night in a large marina when the wind picks up. We’d been in our stable bed with a spring mattress and […]

Shore Excursion

Every once in a great while, for special occasions, such as being within reach of landfall, Jed and I like to get off the boat. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s not for space or for lack of activities aboard. Jed and I both are incredibly well adapted to living in small spaces. What we seek in our […]

V-Berth Cabinets

Before the Vancouver Island trip, I installed a number of cabinets in the head. The one that caught everyone’s attention was a small one mounted to the bulkhead to hold shampoo, toothpaste, and a few other items. It was not a large cabinet but has proved immensely useful over the past couple of years. It […]

Cutting the Real Material Continued

Over a number of projects we have had the chance to try different fabrics, from cotton canvas to sunbrella and beyond. Luckily for us, this was not our first introduction to sunbrella or other similar heavy acrylic canvases. These materials are heavy, nearly impossible to pin and require some special tricks. But on the good side they hold up well, lay flat to sew, and have little stretch or shrinkage.

Northward Westward, Ho! We started out the summer frantically readying Quagmire for a trip North, towards Alaska. Sailing has been an integral part of our lives, and we have devoted years (really, solid years) of our time and salaries refurbishing an old fixer-upper sailboat that fortunately had a solid hull and a lot of soul. […]

Light of the Marina

A quick project to add LED cabin lighting that also doubles as side deck lights.