Replacing the main bulkhead in Quagmire

The Projects Page

Through the pleasures of boat ownership we have been introduced to a wide array of projects. These have ranged from fiberglass to mechanical to woodworking to sail making. A few others have snuck in that were not boat related such as the beginnings of a homemade wind turbine, but for the most part these have been boat related.

V-Berth Cabinets

Before the Vancouver Island trip, I installed a number of cabinets in the head. The one that caught everyone’s attention was a small one mounted to the bulkhead to hold shampoo, toothpaste, and a few other items. It was not a large cabinet but has proved immensely useful over the past couple of years. It […]

Adding a Dodger, Part 2

Cutting the Real Material Continued

Over a number of projects we have had the chance to try different fabrics, from cotton canvas to sunbrella and beyond. Luckily for us, this was not our first introduction to sunbrella or other similar heavy acrylic canvases. These materials are heavy, nearly impossible to pin and require some special tricks. But on the good side they hold up well, lay flat to sew, and have little stretch or shrinkage.

Light of the Marina

A quick project to add LED cabin lighting that also doubles as side deck lights.

Preparing to depart for the 2010 sailing trip northward I was prepared for a series long and challenging departure preparations. I have found that planning, preparing, and getting underway to be some of the hardest project management I have ever encountered. First comes the research needed for the trip. Where are we going and what […]

Adding a Dodger, Part 1

We decided to add a dodger to Quagmire for wind and rain protection while sitting in the cockpit steering the boat. Quagmire was designed for Southern California sailing and in an attempt to make her more suited for Pacific Northwest sailing this project holds great promise. Moving the Traveler To start we had to move […]