The South Coast Track, Tasmania

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Kitty Christmas

Since the both of us have been working from home as of late, there weren’t many good excuses not to drive up to visit the family for the holidays. We could crash with my parents and eat home cooked meals and goodies while sitting on the couch with our laptops still logging a solid work […]

Shore Excursion

Every once in a great while, for special occasions, such as being within reach of landfall, Jed and I like to get off the boat. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s not for space or for lack of activities aboard. Jed and I both are incredibly well adapted to living in small spaces. What we seek in our […]

Northward Westward, Ho! We started out the summer frantically readying Quagmire for a trip North, towards Alaska. Sailing has been an integral part of our lives, and we have devoted years (really, solid years) of our time and salaries refurbishing an old fixer-upper sailboat that fortunately had a solid hull and a lot of soul. […]

As we are wont to do, we pulled out of our Lake Union slip utterly over-prepared for all possible contingencies, including a food supply in quantities to support the chance that we may well be enjoying ourselves enough to pull the tiller hard over and head for Hawaii. Heck, we had enough food onboard to […]

I have spent a lot of time on the water. Growing up on the Puget Sound, a large amount of my hobbies are on the water. I sail, kayak, windsurf, SCUBA dive, and in college I used to drive three hours each way to the ocean to surf on the weekends. I also get motion […]

Jed and I (Emily) circumnavigated Vancouver Island the summer of 2007 in Jed’s 29 foot sailboat, Quagmire. We spent six weeks on board, mostly at anchor, only pulling in to docks while in Friday harbor and at Nanaimo, Port Hardy, Tofino and Ucluelet. My little sister, Shannon helped us push off July 31st and got […]