In 2011 I enrolled at Oregon State University as a Masters of Science candidate studying Free Choice Learning under the Science and Math Education department. I was interested in the design and implementation of hands-on exhibits that disseminate science and technology concepts through a wide range of media.

Part way through, departmental changes forced me to switch to the Professional Science Master’s program. I graduated in the spring of 2013.

Exhibit Design

Buoys Rock! Exhibit

Interactive Telegraph Exhibit

From Waves to Electricity

Anemometer Wind Exhibit

February 2011- To help explain remote sensing and data visualization, this exhibit allows the user to control two fans on either side of an anemometer. The anemometer collects the real-time data and displays it in two different forms on a computer screen for the user to see.

Magic Planet Evaluation – Usage Tracking

December 2010 – As part of an effort to track how an exhibit engages a user and what components of that exhibit are relevant and interesting to the user I developed the tools necessary to track what buttons are pressed and when. The data is anonymous, only showing that the exhibit was used and what topics were explored, and logged to a central database where it can be analyzed later. Flexibility was built in to allow multiple magic planets to interact with the central server so that other visitor and science centers can engage, resulting in the ability to study regional and national trends of interest.

Volunteer Activities

Salmon Bowl

Shark Day Salmon Shark Necropsy

January 2011 – I volunteered during this 2 hour dissection to both film the event and provide a link between Dr. Bill Hanschumaker, who is wielding the knife in the photo at right, and an online portal where people from all over the world could ask questions. The filmed image was projected live at the necropsy for those in the back, those who did not want to endure the smell, and for those online. The video is posted online and can be viewed here on an Oregon State website.